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The CSDatum software (CSDatum Maps and/or Permit Manager) allows an unlimited number of users, and new users can be added at any time. Users and permission levels are viewed and controlled from the Users page at ≡ Menu > Account > Users.

Each account has at least one account administrator. The account administrator has the ability to invite new users and to set the permission level of each user.

Administrators are set individually for CSDatum Maps and Permit Manager. Accordingly, an administrator can only invite new users to the software for which they are an administrator. In other words, a Permit Manager administrator can invite new users to Permit Manager, but they cannot invite new users to CSDatum Maps.

To invite a new user, go to Pending Invites > Invite (only administrators will see the Invite button).

Within the Invite a New User dialog box, enter the email address of the new user. Click Next.

Next, choose the user's permission level for CSDatum Maps. If your account does not have access to CSDatum Maps, or if you are not an administrator for Maps, you will not see this panel. If choosing Select by Layer, see below for more information. Click Next when done.

The permission level of Select By Layer allows you to choose permission levels for individual data layers. Add a new layer using the Add a Layer button and then select the permission level using the dropdown selector.

Next, choose the user's permission level for Permit Manager. If your account does not have access to Permit Manager, or if you are not an administrator for Permit Manager, you will not see this panel.

The permission level of Role Based allows you to create roles that only have access to certain areas of Permit Manager. Additional information about Permit Manager Roles is in this article. Click Save when done.

After saving, the invited user and their permissions will show up in the Pending Invites list. The invited user's permissions can be edited in the Pending Invites section by clicking the blue Pencil button.

The invited user will receive an email with a Get Started button that will begin the registration process.

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